Websites are an integral part of our business mix. We can execute, write and/or design them and even arrange for hosting and related services.

To be effective, a website must be up to date and revised frequently to highlight new products and services. News and special events and even sales presentations can be placed on the site to be called up on a laptop for sales meetings Using contemporary techniques such as slide shows and music, more information and products can be presented without a lot of "clicking around" 

In addition to design and development, we offer through our affiliates, very affordable web hosting plans with unlimited e-mail, live tech support , FTP space and off-shore programming services for e-commerce and custom ordering and inventory management programming. Our updating services allow you to update your website on a monthly or even DAILY basis if you wish. All of our sites are structured to navigate easily and be easily updated.

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.. a small client of ours in Phoenix said to me:

"I have some inquiries from prospective new distributors about our product lines from the trade show we just went to.  What can we send them quickly?"

I responded by saying:

"That is why we built a website for you.. send them the link"

Websites rarely exist to be "found" by search engines but they are a valuable and fast way to present who you are and what you do. Like an on-line brochure without the printing or mailing expense. And unlike brochures, they can be updated instantly at minimal cost.

"easy to navigate ...

"easy to understand"

"looks more like a brochure than a typical website"

"loads quickly without programs I have to download"

"very affordable compared to big web outfits"

These are the typical responses I get about websites designed and produced by us. From modest small sites to complex or e-commerce sites and everything in-between. But seeing is believing. Click on any logos to the right. Since these link to full blown sites, you will need to use your browser back command to return here!




You have been browsing through a website created by us. As you have noticed, it does not look like a "typical" website.

Our sites are designed to be more like on-line brochures or ads, with custom graphics and attention to copy and design arrangements that function as a website, but are quick and easy to navigate.

Below are links to websites we have designed:

Good-O Beverages - A major bottler, importer and distributor of soft drinks in the NY metro area and Florida.

Legendary Guns - A retailer of quality firearms, accessories and supplies in Phoenix Arizona

New York Ravioli & Pasta Co. - Manufacturer of gourmet ravioli and pasta products in New Hyde Park, NY

Canouan Dive Center - Every day an adventure in the Caribbean. In the heart of the Grenadines. Scuba diving at it's best.

Midwife Phoenix - Midwife and OBGYN services in Phoenix, AZ

Diamond Drinks - a bottler of sport supplement drinks, spring water and fruit drinks in Williamsport, PA.

Jamison Webworks - Web hosting and internet marketing services.

Food Food Management - Food service magement company. In conjuction with Jamison Webworks.

Wyckoff Stock Market Institute - in conjunction with Jamison Webworks.

Pure Delite - Bottler of fruit drink products. Headquartered in Chicago.

J&R Bottling and distributing in California serves the bottling needs of many well known brands.

Grand Strand Apartments - An apartment complex in the exclusive Grand Strand area of South Carolina.

Shotski's Bar Supplies - Distributor of contemporary bar supplies and party mixes. An e-commerce direct order site.


Clarion West Springfield, MA - A collaborative site with our web partners Jamison WebWorks.

All Beverage Corp. - A growing marketer and distributor of soft drinks.

Website devoted to information about Inflammatory Breast Cancer.


Wedding specialty site for a Phoenix Florist.

Custom personal and specialty websites, art collectibles, and photo retouching.

The below were done through our consumer division,

Small website for a private youth baseball club team