Evolution of the Omnivore - 2007

Evolution of the Omnivore II- 2007

Evolution of the Omnivore III - 2012

j brian's model - 1975
as a passing note: I found out that the model died some years back - drank herself to death... hmmn

Cheyenne rape - 2007

Lady Rose at the Rennaisance Festival - 2007

John Wayne plastered (the painter not the Duke) - 1979

Eric in the dust - 2007

the bar - 1974

This slide show demonstrates the progression of
this style of painting...




Taos earth wind and fire - 2007

Matt's Last Spartan - 2007


Taos Orno - 2007

Taos Triad - 2007

Goldfield Apache junction- 2007

Matt & Tyler in the snow - NY - 1999

Daffodils and two boys - 1999

the drawing class - 1974

untitled - 1975

Politos Tavern - 1974

red man's revenge - 2012

Navajo holocaust - 2007

Taos uprising - 2007

electronic revisons - 20122
(easier than repainting :)

peublo ornos- 2007

Taos Peublo graveyard - 2007

Grandma Leola Green - 2005 -
a rare journey into portraiture

Below spans the time from 1973 to 2012. Some show roots in New York and some in the Southwest: Arizona and New Mexico. Some from the 70's have no roots at all. Wadda surprise. Make of them what you will. I just make them. Some thematic explanation is offered below.

Some are available for sale, some are long gone.
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Passing thoughts:

Obviously, some time has passed between the older paintings on this site and the more recent ones. The older work from the '70's represents a more instinctual mind game approach to seeing things, with the possible exception of the Polito's painting which was part of a long series based on way too many nights spent at that particular tavern. And of course, the "drawing class". A rather cynical and ugly look at some of my fellow students, not excluding myself. (4th from the left)

The more recent work follows very divergent paths.

The "Omnivore" series (which is not completed yet) was actually inspired by a baseball player I coached for 6 years. A farewell dinner at a sushi joint and talk about his upcoming college plans and prep reading assignment coupled with a long time admiration of the illustrations of Frank Frazetta combined into this somewhat tongue-in-cheek line.

The Taos series was inspired by frequent trips to New Mexico and visiting the tragic remains of a Peublo culture bent by the Spanish, and wracked by Americans. The orno has often been a central theme because as the cooking oven of the Peublo Indians it represents the essential link between here and where. Food, one of the few real essentials and central to their family life.

The other Taos pieces depict more straightforward themes. The graveyard is pretty self explanatory, the only visually disturbing thing being the misplaced stone and of course the erie sense of deathness. The uprising is much more illustrative and also influenced by Frazetta. The triad piece is really a timeline type of visual using contemporary, temporary and historic visual themes.

The more traditional looking landscape pieces are as much about what is not there than what is. Most use large void areas to focus attention to the central subjects whether that be little boys, horses or geographic features.. not unlike the way Degas used empty speces to draw focus on his human subjects

And of course there are the "oddballs". Portraits either contemporary or historical. Or is that hysterical? And baseball. Or rather the dust and chian link that is so common to youth baseball as any parent or coach can readily and chokingly attest!.


Some of the newer ones from 2012 actually pick up some themes from the 70's. A long haitus has led me to re-think the process and my inclinations. Some have titles that are obvious. I have pretty much given up on painting things that are better served photographically or digitally. If you can shoot it and manipulate it - why paint it. A drastic change in my personal life has influenced some of the more cynical works. I am more often using Photoshop to do preliminary studies and even to look at options on canvas BEFORE I take the time to actually paint them only to change my mind (or lose it).


Biographical notes: John F. Green (b. 1953) -
Early studies under Paul G. Krauss, Guilderland, NY.
B.F.A. 1975 Rochester Institute of Technolgy.

1975 - 1985 - Art Director/Illustrator D.J. Moore Advertising Albany, NY

1985 - 1990 - Owner, Illustrator, Graphic Designer - Pawmark Studios - Rotterdam, NY

1990 - present - Owner, Graphic Designer, Artist - Creative Colleagues, Scottsdale, AZ

As can be gleaned from the dates of the work above, a long haitus from purely painting has been terminated by chance and opportunity to return to original passion.
















And the meek shall inherit the earth - 2012

Religiosity - 2012

PTL and pass those taters - 2012

the blue bra - 2012

A time that was and never will be again - 1974

Blank, the editor, the man in black, mr. rushmore. filby and baynes - 1973