Good package design must accomplish four things:

Dominate the shelf or freezer case and be visable from accross the isle or on a website. Promise the buyer what they are looking for; flavor, value, taste, acceptance or prestige. Know who your target consumer is.

No room for guesswork about what is inside. Why do you want to buy it? Your package is the best place to feature your product's benefits.

Contents, ingredients, and other manadatory statements must meet industry and government regulations. Details are important!

All packaging must adhere to the limitations of the printing process of the materials used. No design is acceptible that is not printable or challenges the process so much as to be cost prohibitive. We work with manufacturers BEFORE beginning the design process.


Because the brand was not established, the item and product are given priority in this line of frozen snack products.

Private label soft drinks are a special challenge. The solution here was to take a derivative of Bashas' store name and make it secondary brand name to give the line a more national brand look and feel.

This wine needs to be served very cold for best flavor. The label graphics support the need. The double entendre is reinforced by the "cool" sunglasses.

C&C is an old and well established line of carbonated soft drinks. When they decided to expand the line to new categories, it was important to maintain the brand image while still appealing to a different set of demographics.

See more under the samples section.

An interesting departure from our food and beverage clients, this is one of a series of bags designed for Good Earth Horticulture in Buffalo, NY The entire "barn yard scene" was created from stock images in Photoshop.

We not only designed the package, but crafted the name for filled deep fried pasta snack sticks..."Snix Snax"! The brightly colored box commands attention for the prepared product photo.

A name brand look for a value priced line of batteries...

and no bunnies!

New tetra pack carton for Byrne Dairy in Syracuse, NY

Energy drink and vodka beverage produced in Austria for marketing in Nigeria.