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I know few graphic designers who do not cringe instinctively when it comes to using gaudy starbursts or yellow and red snipes and belly bands... BUT THEY WORK.

People are accustomed to seeing them. We must always remember that

we are not in the art business, we are in the communication and selling business.

The same goes for such powerful statements as

This page includes some new work samples for new and not so new clients. Also check our new beverage design pages. Like Fred C. Dobbs, you might find some hidden treasure...

New line of 12 oz glass line
for The Cold Spring Brewery in Minnesota


Prickly Pear drinks for Mundo Sales in Albequerque NM.
Prickly Pear is a better anti oxidant than even cranberry or Blueberry!

Cold pack teas for First Fruits Beverages in VA

new vitamin water for
Del Mar H20 in Los Angeles, CA

Battery design for Sam's Club Members Mark
- Hengwei Battery Co. Florida.

A variety of logos designed in the past year or so for various clients as you can see. See our logos page for more information.

This new multi pack for Elizabeth Beverages uses the old standby of red and yellow to call attention to the unique size combination.

These new display pallet skirts for Jolly Rancher Soda and Jolly Rancher Tropical Tremor make for an instant in-store end isle display. The pallet arrives at the store shrink wrapped in clear film. The film is removed - instant display.

The JOLLY RANCHER and Jolly Rancher Tropical Tremor trademarks and trade dress are used under license.

Arctic Rain
for PUSH Beverages in NY


New PUSH lemonade for
Push Beverages in NY

Trade ad for C&C Beverages in NJ

one of many design variants for
GO Energy -
Shady Lady Beverages.



brand logo Global Foods in NY


Character development
and illustration for
Krazy Kritters brand.

Logo illustration used
for the Phoenix Falcons
Fencing Club








































The C&C Cola Man appears in print
and web as a brand spokesman.
"C&C beats the bubbles out
of national brands"






new line of 1 gallon beverage labels for
Florida Fruit Juices in Chicago

Foodtown 1 liter Seltzers
Adirondack Beverages/Polar Beverges

Artica 24 packs for
Elizabeth Beverages

Three of 14 Fusion non carbonated drinks for
Supreme Juice Co. - Chicago

A much cleaned up new look for an old time
beverage favorite for J&R Bottling of CA
under authority of: Canada Dry Bottling Co. of NY

the full line of 24 and 20 oz flavors for
C&C Beverages in NJ

Large banner displays for Lilly Langtreats -
San Francisco Chocolate Factory - Phoenix, AZ
- sure loved doing the photos for these!

Clubhouse Coolers a full line of 100% RDA
Vitamin C kids drinks

New Brand logo for Right Start Foods -
Global Food Solutions
in New York.

Fortified Flavored water and hot pack shrink film teas
for Push Beverages in NY

Out take designs for
Sudden Impact and Ripple Wine.
Many design projects never reach maturity
or one of the proposed designs is
rejected or passed over.
Some of our best work falls in this category.
The Ripple designs also show
the range of options we pursue.

Thirst Squirt flavored drinks and cocktail mixers
for Diamond Drinks in PA.

Cookie packages excecuted in conjunction with
Cello Pack in Buffalo, NY

Wedding brochure cover and dining ad in conjunction with
- The Jamison Group, NY

for San Francisco Chocolate Factory in Phoenix

New packages for New York Ravioli & Pasta Company.
We also designed and maintain their web site
to go there click here.


Lil' Sport Brand Label Design for Florida Fruit Juices in Chicago. We also do their web site. To go there click here.

logo for Surrendered Souls in Phoenix, AZ

website Header for
the Patriot Trading Group/ All American Gold
Phoenix, AZ

character illustrations for Jolie Ravioli
NY Raviloli & pasta Co. - NY

postcard recruitment mailer for
AZ Playball Enterprizes
PONY Baseball.

Logo Illustration for
Mr. Onager Books- FL

Themed label designs for Botto's quality meat products
CW Brown Foods - NJ

Design variants for Pembroke ginger beer for
The Honickman Group - NJ


Above are some of many new designs for
kids drinks and energy drinks for
Monarch Custom Beverages in Georgia