1985-1992 -Pawmark and the pre-computer era :

In 1985 I decided to try to try going it freelance "for a while". I did not realize that that would mean permanently! Pawmark was the original name of the company until the transition to employees, office buildings etc. This was also the time of doing graphics the old way - NO computers. Below are a few surviving samples:

Early transitional work for several different clients.

At top is the original marker layout. Below is the final printed brochure.

Robert Cohn Associates was Albany's best commercial realty firms. They were also one of the two clients that I started with. One brochure was for an abandoned matchbook factory. the other with the highlighted Legos were of course, my kid's Legos!

1988 - October 8th - 8:30 a.m.- Bleary eyed after being at the hospital the night before for the birth of my son Tyler, I showed up at the photo studio with NO concept, NO layout, NO design - just product and studio time. The photographer and I just played it by ear, and I still think this was one of my best vending fronts. Mostly today my clients just want the product in a bed of ice... just like everyone else.

Catalog cover for Dura-Mill.

DocStar - way ahead of their time. Scan and store paper documents. Whatta concept.

Genium Publishing Company was one of my largest and favorite clients. They published industrail safety informational materials. These catalog covers were a lot of fun to design and illustrate.

Franchise brochure for a small chain of sandwich shops in NYS.

1993 - The start of the computer design era for us. The packages, and this sales sheet were now being designed on a computer. Extremly "powerful machines" with 120 mb hard drives and 8 mb of RAM.




Looking back:
1971-1975 - Rochester Institute of Technology
1975-1985 - D.J. Moore Advertising
1985 - Nowak, Barlow, Johnson Advertising
1985 - 1995 - Pawmark Studios which transitioned into
Creative Colleagues in 1991ish although
Pawmark continued to function until 1999.

1975-1985 - the ad agency years:

D.J Moore Advertising was one of the best agencies in Albany, NY and where I cut my teeth under Don Moore, a great man and a true gentleman. The agency's specialty was business to business print advertising and I got an opprotunity to design, art direct and illustrate many projects. Below are a few surviving samples:

an early ad for Hannay Reels - Westerlo, NY
a mainstay client at D.J.Moore for many years.

The cover and inside illustration for Faultfinders, later Fairchild in circuit test systems. This was an actual test devised by Don to promote the product.

Double page ads in Electronics Test magazine - a chance to put my concept, design and painting skills to work. (PCB here refers to Printed Circuit Boards)


A truly fun ad to art direct. It was shot in my friend's Paul & Nancy Krauss's bathroom in Altamont, NY. Nancy spent hours getting the dulling spray off the glass that the photographer used to create the effect of steamed up glass. The photographer, model and myself were treated to wine and cheese and piano music while working!

How do you do an illustration to tastefully portray breast feeding? I wanted to use photos, but the client, the NYS Health Dept. refused. So I used cut and torn paper and fabric illustrations.

The very first designs for Adirondack in 1981 when the company's name was Bev Pak. This client asked me to go on my own in 1985 as I functioned as designer and account executive for them. 2014 and they are still a client. And great people too. (see the main site for more samples)

The only surviving sample of an ad I wrote designed and art directed for Nowak, Barlow Johnson. The only saving grace during my brief tenure there was that I got to be the creative director as well as art director/designer.

When I left and several ads that I created won awards the credit was given to "staff" One of my favorites was an ad for Blue Cross Blue Shield which the boss refused to present until all his other ideas were rejected. It showed the member card and the headline:

"The other card you shouldn't leave home without!"




1985-1999 -Illustration, my first passion and training:

When Pawmark started, in 1985 it was the intent to primarily do illustration work. I pounded pavements toting my portfolio to agency after agency but illustration never exceeded 40% of Pawmark's business mix. Below are a few surviving samples:


Genium Publishing was not only a main graphic design client but my most prolific client for illustration. The little green critter was Hugh B. Kareful - and he represented a hazardous material, chemical or substance. He saw more variations in catalogs, manuals and posters than any character I ever created.

Years after leaving D.J. Moore, I was hired to illustrate this ad by the agency that took over the account.

Mars Attacks Pocket Comics. They only lasted 4 issues BUT I iillustrated number 3. Shades of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko at Marvel Comics.

Did a LOT of line illustrations and cartoons for newpaper ads.

The NYS Education Department was also one of my best clients. This was part of a poster and mini poster series about bad driving habits. Call me Bucky!

Did this as a freebie for the organization to commemorate this dude. "Uncommon valor" included saving his buddy and killing or routing a squad of Germans single handed with his bolo knife even though wounded twice! One tough little guy! He stood about 5'5" . Mr Johnson was a baggage handler at the Albany train station.