Brochures and catalogs come in a huge variety of sizes and formats but they all need to do the following:

With so much literature available today the number one job is to stand out on a cluttered desk, a rack display or even on a website.

Graphics and typography must be clear and READABLE! Fancy "artsy" type and ambiguous images can be left out. Get to the point and stick to it.

Tech information, pricing, descriptions and sales points must be read and re-read for accuracy.

All design devices such as the number of colors, special die-cuts, photos, illustrations, embossing, spot colors and odd sizes must all have a realistic function or they are just a waste of resources. We know how to get the most from your printing dollar.


Most of the props and locations were added in post-production to minimize photography costs for this soft drink product brochure. We sure wish we were on location for this project!

Industrial brochures can be a challenge when the product is still in the design stage. Technical data must be plain and easy to assimilate.

Two in a series of public service brochures for the New York State Sheriffs' Association. Inside answers the question posed by the covers and gives people solutions in detailed and personal format.

The Jamison Group for the Nassau Inn, Princeton, NJ
Brochure highlighting their unique historical ambiance combined with contemporary hotel amenities.


Rack Cards and mailers
for Barrington's Floral Gallery.
We also do their web site.. click here.

Pocket folder for Hercules Moving Systems in California


This tri-fold brochure introduces and supports a new engine oil additive that greatly enhances fuel economy with formulations designed for four types of vehicles. We also designed the packaging.